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Feb 2014 Newsletter

Hello from a very wet and windy UK, and to those of you here in the UK who are affect by the flooding my thoughts are with you and what you are going through at the moment puts my “Annus horribilis 2013 ” into perspective. The biggest issue once the flooding has cleared away and […]

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What a mixed bag we had last month

Last month saw a right mix bag of weather, ¬†bight sunshine and blue skies but pretty cold dropping to freezing at night, then rain and more rain for days on end, plus a good dollop of snow thrown in as well. ¬†Just about 12 months I was advising people to prepare for hosepipe bans and […]

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February the impatient month

So here we are in February already and some of us will have already started off seedlings etc. which is why some of the old timers call February the impatient month. We are all desparate to get back out into the garden and get going. But the trouble with this month is that we can […]

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